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23 May 2018 12:28 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Below is the updated Ground Crew roster from November 2018 through until next Easter. If you’re not a tow pilot, instructor or duty pilot, you’ll find your name on the roster to come out to the airfield on a few days throughout the year to assist with operations for the day. New members have been added to the list.

We want you to come out, help out, and be able to go for a flight as well. I know people have commitments that come up, so the same principle applies as with our tow pilots, instructors and duty pilots. If you can’t make a day, please find a member to swap with. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact

Date Ground Crew
26-May-18 Michael Dawson
27-May-18 Xiaoyu Liu
2-Jun-18 Colin Dale
3-Jun-18 Andrew Du
9-Jun-18 Matt Fenn
16-Jun-18 Louis Hojnik
23-Jun-18 Neil Burns
24-Jun-18 Sue O'Brien
30-Jun-18 Norm Hearn
2-Jul-18 Kevin Huang
7-Jul-18 Garry Stevenson
8-Jul-18 David Xu
14-Jul-18 Troy Evers
15-Jul-18 Mitchell Ambler
21-Jul-18 Brendan Knight
22-Jul-18 Lulu Xu
28-Jul-18 John Wright
29-Jul-18 Luke Carman
4-Aug-18 Luke Logan
5-Aug-18 Toby Tan
11-Aug-18 Grant Cramer
12-Aug-18 Xiyao Sun
18-Aug-18 Sue O'Brien
19-Aug-18 Andrew Rigby
25-Aug-18 Peter Gamble
26-Aug-18 Luke Sparkes
1-Sep-18 Hamish Tobias
2-Sep-18 Greg Scott
8-Sep-18 Andrew Taylor-Harris
9-Sep-18 Jessica Walsh
15-Sep-18 Ian Grant
16-Sep-18 Geoff Speedy
22-Sep-18 Ian Holt
23-Sep-18 Steve Trone
29-Sep-18 Toby Tan
30-Sep-18 Jim Karamalakis
6-Oct-18 Michael Dawson
7-Oct-18 Xiaoyu Liu
13-Oct-18 Matt Fenn
14-Oct-18 Colin Dale
20-Oct-18 Andrew Du
21-Oct-18 Sujai Thomman
27-Oct-18 Ron Fox
28-Oct-18 Louis Hojnik
3-Nov-18 Cup Weekend
4-Nov-18 Cup Weekend
10-Nov-18 Andy Blair
11-Nov-18 Phil Calwell
17-Nov-18 James Curry
18-Nov-18 Phil Kotsanis
24-Nov-18 Lachlan Hughes
25-Nov-18 Harrison Blair
2-Dec-18 Neil Burns
8-Dec-18 Mitchell Ambler
9-Dec-18 Norm Hearn
16-Dec-18 Kevin Huang
22-Dec-18 Garry Stevenson
23-Dec-18 David Xu
29-Dec-18 Wangaratta Camp
30-Dec-18 Wangaratta Camp
5-Jan-19 Wangaratta Camp
6-Jan-19 Wangaratta Camp
12-Jan-19 Brendan Knight
13-Jan-19 Lulu Xu
19-Jan-19 John Wright
20-Jan-19 Luke Carman
26-Jan-19 Luke Logan
27-Jan-19 Greg Scott
2-Feb-19 Sue O'Brien
3-Feb-19 Grant Cramer
9-Feb-19 Xiyao Sun
10-Feb-19 Jessica Walsh
16-Feb-19 Andrew Rigby
17-Feb-19 Peter Gamble
23-Feb-19 Luke Sparkes
24-Feb-19 Hamish Tobias
2-Mar-19 Andrew Taylor-Harris
3-Mar-19 Ian Grant
9-Mar-19 Geoff Speedy
10-Mar-19 Ian Holt
16-Mar-19 Steve Trone
17-Mar-19 Jim Karamalakis
23-Mar-19 Sujai Thomman
24-Mar-19 Andy Blair
30-Mar-19 Phil Calwell
31-Mar-19 James Curry
6-Apr-19 Phil Kotsanis
7-Apr-19 Lachlan Hughes
13-Apr-19 Harrison Blair
14-Apr-19 Michael Dawson
20-Apr-19 Easter Camp
21-Apr-19 Easter Camp


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