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General flying days – 2020 operations

23 Jan 2020 20:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

There are some changes to MGC operations in 2020. We are temporarily stopping formal training on two of the eight duty teams (duty team 4 - Sunday; and duty team 7 - Saturday) to have these days be general flying days.

How will operations work on general flying days?

On general flying days there will be flying available for pilots with A Certificate or above. There will be no student training. There will be one instructor on duty to provide oversight of the operation. These days provide opportunities for cross country flying as well as local soaring. You must remember to book a glider to avoid disappointment! Normal rules apply

· The bus, fire cart (in season) and emergency cart must be on the flight line.

· Flight times must be recorded in the laptop as normal, but record your own times and check they have been added to the laptop flight sheet.

· Get the glider out you want to fly, seek assistance as required.

· The duty instructor will hold a brief when everyone is ready, which may well be later than normal.

· The duty instructor and the members present will work out who will run wings, forward signal etc. Co-operation with other clubs is a good option.

· The duty instructor will call a halt to operations if there are insufficient people to operate safely.

What is different?

· If you book a glider it is yours for the day.

· Expect to fly the glider you booked during the best part of the day.

· If cross country is planned, you must arrange a buddy to be your retrieve crew (and you can return the favour on another general flying day!).

· Expect to be entirely responsible for getting the glider out and putting the glider away at the end of the day.

· Expect to be helping on the flight line.

· If you are on dual checks, call or text the duty instructor the day before, as dual checks will not always be available.

The booking system has been updated to reflect these new arrangements. Normal operations and training continue to be available on the other six weekend days of the month.

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