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Cup Weekend Camp at Raywood

  • 04 Nov 2017
  • 07 Nov 2017
  • Bendigo Gliding Club, Raywood


  • Please let us know what dates you will be in attendance and if you can tow a glider there or back (or offer other assistance)
  • Please let us know what dates you will be in attendance and if you can tow a glider there or back (or offer other assistance)

Registration is closed

The Melbourne Gliding Club will be holding its annual Cup Weekend Camp from Saturday 4 November to Tuesday 7 November at Raywood, home of the Bendigo Gliding Club. Raywood is about 185km north of Melbourne via the Calder Fwy, and about 30km north of Bendigo.  As Raywood is quite close, even if you can only come up for a couple of days it is well worth it (the weather is better north of the divide).

Registering for the camp is a simple process. Register that you will attend, let us know the dates you will be there, what you plan to do, and how you can help.

In terms of what we take, this will depend on how many people will be going and require glider seats. We will take, at a minimum:
1 x Tug
1 x two seater
1 x single seater
Expeditions trailer
We will ferry up the tug and one of the two seaters.

Bendigo Gliding Club are excellent hosts and the site is a great location for cross country gliding. The club provides lunch everyday and dinner on most nights. More information including the visiting pilot info pack can be found on the Bendigo GC's website.

Accommodation is available at the Raywood Hotel 5436 1393, airfield camping $10 per night with showers and toilets, contact the Bendigo Gliding Club (, or Bendigo itself about 25 minutes away with options to suit any budget.  

The MGC camp fee will cover the cost of the tug ferry to and from Raywood and the Bendigo GC daily movement fee of $10 and will be advised post-Camp and invoiced then. (As a guide, past camp fees have been up to $75). Tows will be at club camp rates (slightly higher than usual tow rates) and charged to members per our usual invoice processes. There is no tow ticket system in place for this camp (as there has been for previous years). If you take a tow behind the Bendigo Eurofox, the tow is $4.80/min to be settled direct with Bendigo GC. The Eurofox should preferably not be used for our two-seat gliders.

If you have any queries regarding registration or the camp please contact me on 0402 475 485 or 

Look forward to seeing you at Raywood.

Mark Hunt
Expeditions Officer
Melbourne Gliding Club

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