Melbourne Gliding Club
Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome

There are limited operations at Melbourne Gliding Club at present, due to Covid-19 and associated restrictions.

Members should check for our regular emails, and there is news available here on the website.


 Team Instructors Tow pilots Duty pilots
 1 (Sat)

 Paul S
 Jason T
 James N

 Peter K
 Daniiel M
 Bevin B
 Matt S
 2 (Sun) Bob H
 John F
 Leigh S
 Jackson K

 Ian K
 Sebastian A

 3 (Sat) Greig W
 Mark H
 Steve C
 Bryan McG
 Craig L
 Marc H
 4 (Sun - general flying) Peter K
 (no instruction)
 Jason T
 Daniiel M
 Tighe P
 5 (Sat) John F
 Bob H
 Judy L
 Jason T Rod S 
 Iain G
 6 (Sun) Paul S
 Murray S 
 Helen C
 Roger K
 Ian N
 Tegan L
 7 (Sat - general flying) John P
 (no instruction)
 Peter K
 Jackson K
 James C
 8 (Sun) Steve C
 Alan P
 Tom VB
 Gilles A
 Michael A
 Sujai T

For information on JOINING the Club and learning to fly - click JOIN US!

To ask about an Air Experience Flight to try gliding, for a gift for a birthday, Christmas, Mother's / Father's Day or for fun, please email: info[at], call on (03) 8683 7240 or live chat with us on Facebook
e offer a Deluxe 30 minute flight to 3500ft for $299, and a Standard 20 minute flight to 2500ft for $249

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