Melbourne Gliding Club

Melbourne Gliding Club prides itself on providing one of Australia's best fleet of club-owned gliders. The club owns four twin-seat and two single-seat gliders, as well as two highly capable tug aircraft.

A pair of modern, high-performance DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000s are at the core of the club's training fleet. This means that all of our members are able to enjoy the best that gliding has to offer, from the instant that they step into a cockpit. 

Melbourne Gliding Club owns and operates two Piper PA-35 Pawnees as its tug aircraft. Despite their age (manufactured in the 60s!), these aircraft remain sought-after as some of the best tug aircraft in the world. Originally designed as a crop duster, they were fitted with powerful engines to allow them to carry large, heavy loads of pesticides in an internal hopper.

Empty, they are light, powerful, and ideal for quickly getting gliders into the air.

Operating two tug aircraft is a key strength of Melbourne Gliding Club, as it allows the club to operate aircraft at both the home airfield at Bacchus Marsh, as well as at other destinations during gliding camps and expeditions.

 Piper PA-25 Pawnee - Aircraft Data
 Country of Manufacture:USA Registration: VH-BCK, VH-TNC
 Manufactured:1967 (BCK), 1964 (TNC) Empty Weight: 662 kg
 Construction:Fabric / Steel Tube Wingspan: 11 m
 Best Glide Ratio:Don't even think about it G-Limits:


 Instrumentation:Steam gauges Maximum Speed: 188 kph / 107 kts
 Member Rate:$6.70 / Minute (Tow rate) Engine 235 hp Lycoming

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