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Reciprocal membership changes

08 Jun 2016 10:49 | Anonymous member

Recently the club received a visit from a glider pilot from Europe who wanted to fly.  The club had never catered for international pilots who just wanted one or two flights.  

The club has expanded reciprocal membership category to include members of all gliding clubs (worldwide), existing limitations will apply i.e.

  • Current members of other gliding clubs can launch their own aircraft, and fly club two-seat aircraft, with a club instructor at member’s rates, without  paying membership dues, for up to 3 visits, totaling 14 days per financial year.
  • Reciprocal members must hold current GFA membership eg. 9 day GFA membership is available on the day for a marginal price.
  • To fly as “pilot in command” of any club aircraft and/or receive instruction, a pilot must be either a Short Term or Full Flying Member of the club.
Please note reciprocal membership is only available online, and con only be completed online.

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