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Strategic Plan – consultation open

30 Jun 2016 12:01 | Anonymous member

In 2015, as part of membership renewals, we started to ask all members questions about what we do well as a club, and areas we could improve. Along with planning work by Committee, and discussions with the Instructor Panel, this has given us the basis of a Strategic Plan for the Melbourne Gliding Club for the next three years, through until 2018.

We need a Strategic Plan to focus our time, energy and resources in a unified direction. 

It is the first attempt at this Strategic Plan – and the Committee has issued it as a consultation draft (emailed to all members on 14 June) to hear back from you about whether the plan will get the MGC where it needs to be over the next three years and beyond.

We welcome your feedback via any of the following means:

- Discussion with any Committee member on the field or on the phone

- Emailed feedback to   or directly to  

Feedback on this consultation draft is open until 8 July 2016 (ahead of the next Committee meeting). Following this, the plan will be updated and endorsed by the Committee. This will inform the activities of the Committee and all members of the club over the next three years, but will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant. Progress on individual actions will be monitored by the Committee throughout the year.

All of us have a contribution to make to our Club. We all have an idea about how we should operate. We encourage you to share those thoughts and take an active role to support our vision to be the best gliding club in Australia with a broad, growing membership, modern fleet, and safe, welcoming and social environment. 

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