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New Vic RASP site (soaring forecast)

17 Oct 2016 14:32 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As I wrote about in the recent Glide Angle, VSA members now have a new Soaring Forecast site for Victoria and Tasmania, and covering much of NSW, thanks to the work of Matt Gage and funding from the VSA.



This model is closely related to RASP, but will be upgraded every 6 months as new information is released, which hopefully should ensure a more consistent standard of prediction.

New forecasts are created twice each day and cover the next 6 days of flying. The first 2 days are at a very high resolution (good for wave, etc.), the following 4 days are at a lower resolution (but still higher than the previous RASP). Today’s forecast should be ready by about 7:30am and tomorrow’s forecast should be ready by 7:30pm.

The server will keep about 100 days of historical forecasts, depending on available disk space.

A link to the new RASP site has been added to the bottom of the members web site for quick reference.

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