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Securing the sth hangar

11 Nov 2016 09:37 | Anonymous member

Digital locks will be installed in the club house, MGC workshop and Sth hangar this summer.

The Sth hangar is the most obvious place that needs to be secured as it is home to most of the GGC and MGC fleet, and is readily accessible by anyone at any time.

Securing the sth hangar is a little more time consuming than just installing a lock on the hangar door, as restraints need to be installed on many of the sliding doors, so they wont open.  If you can help with this please let Steve know via or 0457 513 239.

Once the restraints and digital locks are installed, all sliding doors will need to be locked / unlocked from the inside, and you will need to enter / exit via the door at the nth end of the hangar.

Note: the door code will be the same as the one for the club house and workshop.

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