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2016 Christmas camp logistics

24 Nov 2016 23:36 | Anonymous member

Thank you to all who transported the aircraft and equipment to Raywood for the Melbourne cup weekend.

With only a month to go we need to start organising the transport of gliders and equipment to the camp.

We have 2 seat and single seat aircraft also the expedition trailer to transport, any offers?.As always you can claim 0.10 c per kilometre travel with the trailer following behind or the option to choose the day and the aircraft you have towed up to fly.

If there is Tug pilots who are going up specifically to tow on set dates, it would be neat if you could register via the online system and advise dates so we can plan ahead.

If you can help with the transport of aircraft and equipment please contact me direct.

Best Regards

Max Callingham  or text / talk 0416 237 672

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