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Private passenger / AEF flights

26 Sep 2017 10:21 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Private passenger flight vs AEF flights

This is a reminder to all members that there are two options when conducting a passenger flight, which may also be known in the club as a family and friend flight.
The basic rules:

1. An AEF passenger (e.g. Adrenalin, Red Balloon) must complete both the GFA form and the MGC day member form

2. A private passenger only needs to complete the MGC day member form

The first option is to have the passenger complete the GFA form (at a cost of $40 - in addition to the flight - as we have to buy these books from the GFA) and fly with an instructor AEI-rated or above. This allows the passenger to be introduced to basic aspects of flying, but the passenger is not permitted to touch the controls when the aircraft is below 800ft AGL. The Club’s day member form must also be completed.

The second option DOES NOT allow the passenger to touch the aircraft controls while the aircraft is flying. For this option, the passenger MUST complete the club's day member form ONLY (not the GFA form). The pilot in command must have at least their private passenger rating. As a private passenger flight, the PIC must pay at least half of the flight cost. In reality, this means that if you don't have at least a private passenger rating and want a friend or family member flown, they'll be flying with an AEI-rated or above pilot. As the PIC needs to pay at least half the cost (and unless you have a really, really generous friend!), your friend/family member would be flying as an AEF and needing to sign and pay for the GFA form.

The best place to complete the MGC day member form is directly on our website (but there are hard copies in the bus - restocked last weekend). There is no such thing as a Family and Friend form anymore – the day member form has been adapted to cover liability and club issues.

Please refer to section 11.1 and 10.5 of the GFA operations manual for more detail. 

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