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Updated Ground Crew roster - March to November 2018

28 Feb 2018 09:31 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As part of our journey to increase participation in the club, the Committee has implemented a ground crew roster to support the daily duty team. It has been great to see so many of you out and about at the airfield. If you’re not a tow pilot, instructor or duty pilot, you’ll find your name on the roster to come out to the airfield on a few days throughout the year to assist with operations for the day. 

We want you to come out, help out, and be able to go for a flight as well. I know people have commitments that come up, so the same principle applies as with our tow pilots, instructors and duty pilots. If you can’t make a day, please find a member to swap with. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Date Duty Team Ground Crew Ground Crew
3-Mar-18 3 Garry Stevenson
4-Mar-18 4 Sue O'Brien Norm Hearn
10-Mar-18 5 David Xu Lulu Xu
11-Mar-18 6 Troy Evers Mitchell Ambler
17-Mar-18 7 Brendan Knight John Wright
18-Mar-18 8 Luke Carman Luke Logan
24-Mar-18 1 Toby Tan Grant Cramer
25-Mar-18 2 Xiyao Sun Andrew Rigby
31-Mar-18 3 Mt Beauty  
1-Apr-18 4 Mt Beauty  
7-Apr-18 5 TBC  
8-Apr-18 6 Luke Sparkes  
14-Apr-18 7 Hamish Tobias  
15-Apr-18 8 TBC  
21-Apr-18 1 TBC  
22-Apr-18 2 Andrew Taylor-Harris  
28-Apr-18 3 Greg Scott  
29-Apr-18 4 TBC  
5-May-18 5 Geoff Speedy  
6-May-18 6 Ian Holt  
12-May-18 7 Lachlan Hughes  
13-May-18 8 Peter Gamble  
19-May-18 1 Toby Tan  
20-May-18 2 Jim Karamalakis  
26-May-18 3 Michael Dawson  
27-May-18 4 Xiaoyu Liu  
2-Jun-18 5 Colin Dale  
3-Jun-18 6 Andrew Du  
9-Jun-18 7 Tony Strazzeri  
10-Jun-18 8 Ron Fox  
16-Jun-18 1 Louis Hojnik  
17-Jun-18 2 Richard Callinan  
23-Jun-18 3 Neil Burns  
24-Jun-18 4 Sue O'Brien  
30-Jun-18 5 Norm Hearn  
1-Jul-18 6 Peter Summersby  
2-Jul-18 7 TBC  
7-Jul-18 8 Garry Stevenson  
8-Jul-18 1 David Xu  
14-Jul-18 2 Troy Evers  
15-Jul-18 3 Mitchell Ambler  
21-Jul-18 4 Brendan Knight  
22-Jul-18 5 Lulu Xu  
28-Jul-18 6 John Wright  
29-Jul-18 7 Luke Carman  
4-Aug-18 8 Luke Logan  
5-Aug-18 1 Toby Tan  
11-Aug-18 2 Grant Cramer  
12-Aug-18 3 Xiyao Sun  
18-Aug-18 4 Sue O'Brien  
19-Aug-18 5 Andrew Rigby  
25-Aug-18 6 Peter Gamble  
26-Aug-18 7 Luke Sparkes  
1-Sep-18 8 Hamish Tobias  
2-Sep-18 1 Greg Scott  
8-Sep-18 2 Andrew Taylor-Harris  
9-Sep-18 3 TBC  
15-Sep-18 4 Ian Grant  
16-Sep-18 5 Geoff Speedy  
22-Sep-18 6 Ian Holt  
23-Sep-18 7 Steve Trone  
29-Sep-18 8 Toby Tan  
30-Sep-18 1 Jim Karamalakis  
6-Oct-18 2 Michael Dawson  
7-Oct-18 3 Xiaoyu Liu  
13-Oct-18 4 Sue O'Brien  
14-Oct-18 5 Colin Dale  
20-Oct-18 6 Andrew Du  
21-Oct-18 7 Tony Strazzeri  
27-Oct-18 8 Ron Fox  
28-Oct-18 1 Louis Hojnik  
3-Nov-18 2 Cup Weekend  
4-Nov-18 3 Cup Weekend  

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